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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Natural Language Calculator?

Unlike other calculators that requires users to key in all types of input to get results, a Natural Language Calculator is one that works by just talking in your natural language. For ex. instead of keying in “2 + 2” and then “=” for your answer, you just say “what is 2+2” and the result just pops up.

How much does Flash cost to use?

Flash is FREE to use by anyone and there will be no ads to distract our valuable users. We believe that when students are focused on studying, there should be no diversions. Hence when students are using Flash, there will be no ads to distract.

What type of calculations can Flash do?

Flash can perform simple to advanced mathematical operations just with your natural language. For ex. it can perform many types of simple and complex operations in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and many others.

Can we share results with our friends or teachers?

You sure can. Flash results can be shared either via email or text message easily and quickly with others. Just click on the share icon and select how you want to share.

Who owns Flash?

Flash is developed by our company Neurogram LLC. We are based out of Princeton, NJ USA and our founder is a high school senior (XII grade) just like all the other students who will use Flash.

How will our personal data be used?

The only data we will be collecting for our app is your pre-existing google login credentials. We aspire to collect no additional data nor plan to use your data for any purpose. We value and are committed to your privacy.

How accurate and reliable are the results from Flash?

Flash results are highly reliable and accurate. Our user design includes an effective verification of your speech-text-conversion in the output results. This step ensures that your speech query is captured accurately for getting accurate results. However, sometimes not all speech queries, complex queries or unclear queries are not effectively translated. In such cases you can manually type in the request to perform the operation.

Can we see all previous operations on Flash?

You sure can. All operations are saved in “History”. You can select any historical operation to modify or share it at any time.